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Best beef We've ever had

This is the cleanest, most delicious beef we've ever had, and the price is nearly equivalent to the junk meat at the grocery store. Cannot recommend strongly enough!

Weekender Box
Good eats

I have long been disappointed with grocery store meat. Not ever sure of what I am getting. On instagram I saw the promotion for Becks Farm and decided to give it a try. No disappointment here! There is definitely a difference you can tastes. Thank you for the alternative to store bought.


Love this stuff. The texture is amazing. It has wonderful flavor (orange) but isn’t overly sweet.

Variety box

Meat is delicious it's just a bit pricy for me right niow

Fantastic chicken

Love the chicken breasts! Taste clean and fresh and packaged and trimmed perfectly.

Ground Beef Boxes
good food and good taste

I was on instagram when I came across the site From the Farm. I know I needed to make a change in how I purchase meat. I placed my first order and was deliciously surprised by the difference it makes. Grass fed and grass finished beef is remarkable and healthy. It arrived, frozen and well packed in a reasonable amount of time. I will not hesitate to order again.

Ground Beef Boxes
Patricia P.
Ground beef

I ordered ground beef and was very pleased. I loved it and will buy again.

Short Ribs
I Love Everything

This is my second order and the meat if fresh and takes great.

Great Hamburgers

This beef made the best hamburgers. A little cheese and tomato and we had the yummiest, flavorful, and juicy burger ever!

Yummy Stew

Loved the stew meat. Made a beef stew and will do it again!

Loved your chicken

My husband and son both commented on how yummy the chicken was. Will be getting some every week!

Love it!!

We order it almost every week! Good to see actual ingredients and high protein!


Love them

So good

This steak is tender and delicious

FREE Ground Beef
Better Best Beef

Tender succulent roasts, with that premium quality flavor you desire. This ranch serves it up on a platter. I feed my family nothing but, Beck Beef. It's important to me not to have the hormones and all the chemicals that are put in Stockyard beef in my family. I don't have to worry about any of that with Beck Ranch. These are conscientious Ranchers who know their business and it's certainly comes out in the finished product.

dog bones

Hello, the first pack of bones I received had 4 bones in it, after that I get a big hunk of bone-not separated. I prefer the bones that are pictured, not just one big hunk of bone. Other than that, things are great

Organ Meat
Darlleen P.
Beef liver

This is the best I have had in years.. I like the good taste and my dog likes it.

New York Strip Steak
Stephanie M.
Only place we Trust!

Beck Ranch is the only place we trust for our meats! Great meat, great price and great service!!! Love seeing these wonderful people!!!

Backyard BBQ Box
Meredith B.
Quality Meats

The BeckRanch is beautiful and the store is cute. Annalise is very kind and everything was packaged nicely and waiting for pick up. The beef is really good quality.

Ribeye Steak

So many options to choose from!

T-Bone Steak

Always the best meat products you can get! Highly recommend!! So delicious!!

1st time order

Loved the breakfast sausage. Ate some of the chicken. It was delicious. Love having fresh milk. We have not tried the other items though.

Superfood, Health Benefits

We recently starting drink raw milk from shumway farms and have so far had very positive health benefits. The enzymes, glutathione, and probiotics is helping to balance out our gut microbiome that has been out of balance for so long. We can finally digest food properly! We tried A2 whole milk but it was ultrapasturized and made our gut symptoms worse. Raw grassfed milk is a super food and we are so grateful to be able to purchase it here.


Best yogurt!!!

Great yogurt!

This is great yogurt. Not overly sweet but great flavor