Shumway Farms Raw milk (local delivery and pickup only)


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This is only available for local Wyoming delivery and Ranch pick-up. 

Milk is one of nature's most nutritious foods. Raw milk, that is. One of the biggest mistakes consumers make about their milk choices is assuming that milk is milk and that it's all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is important to note, however, that there is a difference between raw milk that is intended for human consumption and raw milk that is intended to be pasteurized. 

In producing raw milk for human consumption, there are several factors that go into producing good, safe, and healthy raw milk, these include:


  1. Cow care and nutrition.

  2. Clean milking facilities and procedures.

  3. Proper milking and storage equipment.

  4. Proper equipment cleaning procedures.


We take pride in the milk we produce and are confident that you and your family will love it as much as we do!

Customer Reviews

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Marisa M.
Superfood, Health Benefits

We recently starting drink raw milk from shumway farms and have so far had very positive health benefits. The enzymes, glutathione, and probiotics is helping to balance out our gut microbiome that has been out of balance for so long. We can finally digest food properly! We tried A2 whole milk but it was ultrapasturized and made our gut symptoms worse. Raw grassfed milk is a super food and we are so grateful to be able to purchase it here.

Chris S.
Great milk

Love the taste of the raw milk. Kids must have liked it too because it was gone quick

Susan M.

I've had Becks meat now for 3 months and hands down tender meat. I've had the Ribeye and Short Ribs , pot roast So very tasty and delicious plus tender. I've had 2 other meat companies boxed meats and they were so tough I had to feed my dogs the meat because I couldn't chew threw the meat.


Got the raw milk, chocolate milk n and ice cream! All were excellent and pick up the as easy! I will for sure be gettting more!!

Teri C.

Grandkids loved it they called it FARM milk ! We loved the chocolate milk also!