Tomahawk Steak

The Tomahawk Steak is probably the sexiest steak there is!!! The Tomahawk comes from the cow's RIB section - the same area as a Ribeye or the Prime Rib! It is a whole Ribeye with the rib bone left in and "Frenched" giving it that primal look!

Each Tomahawk is around 2-3 pounds!!

It is best if cooked slowly to an excellent Medium and then reverse-seared!

Your Beef is Always:

Grass-fed - no grains 🥩 No Added Hormones 🥩 No Antibiotics 🥩 100% USA Wyoming Beef 🥩 Born & Raised On Our Family Ranch 🥩 USDA Inspected and Labeled 🥩 Hand Cut, Individually wrapped and vacuum sealed